Per A.R.S. § 41-1033, "Any person may petition an agency to do either of the following:

1. Make, amend or repeal a final rule.

2. Review an existing agency practice or substantive policy statement that the petitioner alleges to constitute a rule."

Please submit your petition in writing to the Board. The Board does not have a template for this petition. 

Title Description
Arizona Administrative Code

Article 1. General Provisions

R4-30-101. Definitions

R4-30-102. Home Inspection Definitions 

R4-30-106. Fees

R4-30-107. Registration and Certification Expiration 

R4-30-120. Complaint Review Process 

R4-30-121. Investigation of Complaints 

R4-30-122. Issue of Subpoenas 

R4-30-123. Informal Compliance Procedures

R4-30-126. Service of Board Decisions; Rehearing of Board Decisions

Article 2. Registration Provisions

R4-30-201. Registration as an Architect, Engineer, Geologist, Land Surveyor or Landscape Architect 

R4-30-202. In-training-Designation 

R4-30-203. Waiver of Examination 

R4-30-204. Examinations 

R4-30-208. Education and Work Experience 

R4-30-209. Time-frames for Professional Registration, Certification, or In-Training-Designation 

R4-30-210. Time-frames for Approval to Sit for, or for Waiver of, the Professional, Certification, or Fundamentals Examination

R4-30-214. Architect Registration

R4-30-221. Engineering Branches Recognized

R4-30-222 Engineer in-training Designation

R4-30-224. Engineer Registration

R4-30-242. Geologist-in-training Designation

R4-30-244. Geologist Registration

R4-30-247. Home Inspector Certification

R4-30-254. Landscape Architect Registration

R4-30-282. Land Surveyor-in-training Designation

R4-30-284. Land Surveyor Registration

Article 3. Regulatory Provisions 

R4-30-301. Rules of Professional Conduct

R4-30-301.01. Home Inspector Rules of Professional Conduct

R4-30-302. Electrical Plans

R4-30-303. Securing Seals

R4-30-304. Use of Seals

R4-30-306. Securing and Using Identifying Markers


Appendix A. Sample Seals