Staff Members

Please note that Board staff members cannot offer legal advice. This includes interpreting State statutes, Arizona Administrative Code and substantive policy statements. This limits Staff's ability to respond to your questions.

If you have questions prior to submitting an application with the Board, please email [email protected] or contact Licensing Manager Julie Pham at (602) 364-4955.

For general information please visit our FAQ Page.


The Executive team administers Board staff, projects and conducts other managerial tasks for the Board.


Judith Stapley

Executive Director
Kurt Winter

Kurt Winter

Deputy Director - Human Resources point of contact
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Hayden Weber

Executive Assistant


The Licensing team processes all submitted applications and renewals, reactivations/inactivations, and verifications.

Julie Pham

Licensing Manager

Ruby Kelley

Licensing Specialist, A-D applications

Natalie Lopez

Licensing Specialist, E-I, applications

Dolly Lucero

Licensing Specialist, J-M applications

Cassandra Armenta

Licensing Specialist, N-S applications

Benito Avila

Licensing Specialist, T-Z applications

Mayra Gomez

Renewals Specialist

Liliana Ruiz

Renewals Specialist


The Operations team handles firm registration, inter-state agency communications, accounting, and filing.

Jamie Burleski

Operations Manager

Linda Capek

Accounting Specialist

Alma Velazquez

Accounting & Financial Assurance Specialist

Janette Lopez

Customer Service Representative & Financial Assurance Specialist

Lisa Cooper

Customer Service Representative

Theresa Acuna

Customer Service Representative

Complaints and Investigations

The Complaints and Investigations team takes in, processes and investigates all submitted complaints to the Board. Investigators prepare all Enforcement Advisory Committees.

Orlene Loera

Investigations Manager

Daniel Carthel


Kaitlyn Crawford


Brandon Eaden


Eric Parriott


Dale Elliott