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Alarm Agent Application

Alarm Agent Application Packet

Alarm Agent Application Packet

To complete the application, please:

  • Answer all questions, sign and date.
  • Have the Controlling Person of current alarm business employer sign.
  • Include one current 2-inch by 2-inch passport quality photograph 
    • No hats or head coverings, unless worn daily for religious purposes.
    • No sunglasses. Clear lens glasses are acceptable if eyes are visible and there is no glare.
  • Include a copy of the applicant's fingerprint clearance card (front and back) OR section five completed by controlling person including the criminal background check report. You can apply for the card on the Department of Public Safety Website.
  • Complete, sign and date “Arizona Statement of Citizenship and Alien Status for State Public Benefits,” which is found within the Alarm Agent Application Packet, along with a copy of supporting evidence
  • Military status form
  • Sign and date Instructions for Alarm Agent Certification.

Alarm Agent Application Fees

Alarm Agent Application & Initial Registration Fee $260.00