Land Surveyor
Land Surveyor Registration

Land Surveyor Professional Registration Packet

Land Surveyor Professional Registration Packet

To complete the Application, please:

  • Complete all questions, sign and date.
  • Include a signed check or money order in the amount of $325.00 for the application & initial registration fee.
  • Include completed, signed and dated “ Arizona Statement of Citizenship” form and supporting evidence
  • Military status form
  • Request verification of passed FS and PS exams
  • Include copy of successful completion of AZ State-specific exam results
  • Request Official college transcripts be sent to the Board, if applicable
  • Request Three (3) Certificate of Experience Forms to be completed
  • Any applicable disciplinary or criminal documents – see instructions in packet

Land Surveyor Professional Registration Fee

Land Surveyor Professional Registration $325.00

NCEES Council Records

Applicants who hold a NCEES Council Record must contact NCEES directly and request that your record be transmitted to the Board. A council record must be complete and meet Arizona requirements for registration as listed in these instructions. Applicants must still submit a registration application (minus redundant sections and documentation already included in your council record), Arizona specific documentation for citizenship and government issued identification, proof of passed Arizona State Specific exam, and the registration fee in order for the registration request to be processed.