Renewal FAQ

Pay with a credit card through the Board's online payment portal.


Please submit a check or money order made payable to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration with your renewal form and mail to the following address:

The Arizona Board of Technical Registration
1110 W. Washington St. suite 240
Phoenix, AZ 85007

1. Submit an Inactivation Form. Upon receipt of your Inactivation Form, assuming you are in good standing (ACTIVE status), your status will be changed to INACTIVE.

2. Allow your registration to lapse and subsequently cancel after the renewal period expires.

If your renewal fee is not paid before the expiration date, you become DELINQUENT and a flat penalty fee must be added to your total renewal fee. There are no partial penalty fees. If you are delinquent, you may not perform the duties of your discipline within the Board’s jurisdiction until you renew. Delinquency may carry over one or two years and will incur additional penalty fees per year. You will remain DELINQUENT until you renew and pay the required fees. If you remain DELINQUENT beyond your discipline’s renewal period, your registration will be CANCELLED and you must apply as a new registrant.


Per ARS § 32-141, firms providing professional services must be registered with the Board. This includes registrants offering services as a solo practitioner / DBA (Doing Business As). 

Per ARS 32 § 101(B)(13), "Firm" means any individual or partnership, corporation or other type of association, including the association of a nonregistrant and a registrant who offers to the public professional services regulated by the board.

The Firm Registration Form can be found HERE.

Please provide the Board with a written explanation and relevant documentation with your renewal. Failure to do so may result in delays in processing your renewal.

Board staff cannot determine whether a registrant's conviction or disciplinary action will result in the denial of a renewal application; only the Board can make this determination. All renewals the Board receives with a 'yes' answer will need to go before the Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting for determination.