Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the volume of applications processed by the Licensing Department, we are trying to maximize processing personnel’s effectiveness by reducing telephone calls.  Please review this page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  All requests for information relating to your application status should be made in writing.

For information regarding renewing your registration, please visit the Renewal FAQ page.

For information regarding submitting a complaint to the Board and the complaint process, please visit the Submit a Complaint page.

Once an applicant has submitted all required documentation, the process takes approximately 8-12 weeks. However, that timeframe may be influenced by the quality of the documents submitted in support of the application and the availability of professional reviewers to review and confirm education and/or experience qualifications. If an applicant has a valid and active national council record, it may take less than a week for approval.

Foreign education must be translated into English and evaluated for equivalency by a nationally accredited evaluation service.  Please see Foreign Education Evaluators.  Once an education evaluation has been completed, the applicant should have the results submitted to the Board. If the evaluation report does not contain a graduation date, official transcripts will be required as well.

Yes, however, a separate application for each individual designation must be submitted for evaluation. In addition, separate documentation and fees must be submitted for each application.

Yes, Arizona does not require education or in-training designation for registration. However, an applicant seeking a waiver of the fundamentals of engineering, geology or land surveying examination, must have the appropriate degree, in accordance with A.R.S.§32.126(D).

The Notice to Applicant form is an informational document for Home Inspectors and Alarm Agents regarding the background/disciplinary action questions on the application. The form is required to complete the application.

Yes. The Board requires that all Arizona applicants complete the form and provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States. There is a box non-residents can check indicating that they are nonresidents of Arizona. Please see the Arizona Statement of Citizenship form for a list of acceptable forms for proof of eligibility.

Yes, but the Arizona Board of Technical Registration cannot accept applications by email as all applications must be accompanied by payment. However, all supporting documentation, other than criminal history documents, can be submitted directly to your licensing specialist electronically. Official transcripts, license/exam verifications, and certificate of experience forms must come from the source rather than the applicant.

Yes. The Board of Technical Registration requires verifiable documentation regarding all criminal and disciplinary actions. The official documentation must include details from inception to dissolution of any and all incidents despite the length of time since the occurrence.

If you answer "yes" to any of the questions regarding arrest or conviction, you must provide the Board with a detailed written explanation regarding the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident and provide official court documentation supplying your explanation which includes the disposition of the arrest, even if the charge was ultimately dismissed, set aside or expunged. (i.e., police reports, court orders.). You should be able to contact the court in the jurisdiction the action took place in. False or misleading answers regarding any information provided to the Board of Technical Registration as part of your request for registration or certification may result in denial of your application. The Board will verify your answers to the background questions by searching public records databases. If it determines that you answered any of the questions in the Background/Discipline Section of the application untruthfully, it may be grounds to deny your application.

In order to qualify for a waiver of the Fundamentals Exam, an applicant must have both an ABET accredited Bachelor's degree and 12 years of experience, following graduation pursuant to A.R.S.§32-126(D). See Application Waiver Forms under the corresponding Applicant Page.

Applicants can receive a maximum of 60 months of educational credit in accordance with A.RS. §32-122.0 I (C) and as detailed in A.A.C. R4-30-208.

Yes. If an applicant uses a P.O. Box for mail, he/she must also provide a physical street address for their file.

No. You are not required to supply any information to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration if you were auto-approved for examination through the respective councils. When you have successfully taken and passed the exams with your respective council, you will need to apply with the Board for professional registration. However, if your respective council does not authorize you directly for examination, you must complete an application for exam authorization with the Arizona Board of Technical Registration. The Arizona Board of Technical Registration cannot approve applicants for examination who do not have an active exam application with the Board. 

All applicants must obtain pre-authorization to sit for an examination through:

Approval by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration: Submit an application to sit for the examination to the Board. The process may take two to six months depending on the applicant's qualifications and timely submission of required documents. If you have not been approved to sit an examination by the AZ Board of Technical Registration, Board staff will not authorize your examination participation,


Auto-approval by a National Council: This option is only available to applicants with an NAAB/LAAB/ABET accredited bachelor's degree. Refer to websites below to determine if your degree is NAAB/LAAB/ABET accredited. If it is, register directly with the national council. Be sure to fill out the education portion of the examination registration. Failing to do so may result in a failure to be auto-approved.


  1.  Applicants for national fundamentals or professional exams are provided one year from the date of grant to take the exam.
  2. Architects are given one year from the date of Board authorization to take their first exam. AU exams must be passed within 5 years.
  3. Applicants for the Arizona State Specific Land Surveyor or Geological Engineering exams have one year to attempt the examination and are provided four additional years to complete it.

For additional information or clarification, please refer to A.A.C. R4-30-204

Yes. Land Surveyors and Geological Engineers are required to take state specific examinations administered by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.

No. In-Training designation is not a State requirement. However, many employers do require that employees have the designation, which can be easily obtained once the applicant has passed the Fundamentals examination.

No. When applying for In-Training designation, either can be provided. An applicant must provide proof of four years of work experience under the supervision of a registrant in their specific field OR official college transcripts showing a four year degree pursuant to A.R.S.§32-122 and A.R.S. §32-122 v.2

No. In order to qualify for registration as a Structural Engineer in the state of Arizona, an applicant must first pass the NCEES 16-hour Structural Engineering examination or have a current registration in Arizona as an Engineer AND meet the requirements of A.R.S.§32.126(B)(1).

No, BTR does not have continuing education requirements at this time.

No. If you need a new wall certificate you may request a duplicate certificate.

Submit a written request to the Board office for a duplicate certificate along with the applicable fee of $10.00 to: 1110 W. Washington, Suite 240, Phoenix, AZ 85007. Please indicate a correct mailing address, the registrant's name spelled exactly as they desire it to appear on the certificate, and the registrant's registration number.

A completed application will include, in addition to the council record, an application for registration, applicable fee, a completed, signed and dated "Arizona Statement of Citizenship and Alien Status for State Public Benefits", and a copy of a government issued photographic identification. The council record must be made available to the Board by the issuing entity.

No, the Board does not have an expediting service.

No, an administrative complete letter is not a declaration of licensure. An administrative complete letter is an informational notice to the applicant that all necessary documentation for completion of an application for evaluation has been received by the licensing staff. Once an application has met the administrative completeness requirements, the application still needs to be evaluated to determine if it meets the requirements for licensure. See A.A.C. R4-30-209(B) and R4-30-2J0(B).

Yes. The Arizona Board of Technical Registration does not provide verification of examination and/or licensure to those who do not hold an active application or registration with the Board.

Completion of verifications may take up to 30 days because of the volume of requests received daily.

Yes. Licensure/examination verifications are currently provided for a $25 fee.

Applicants seeking accredited training programs should review rule R4-30-247(A)(6). There are some home inspection courses that have been approved by the Arizona Board of Private Post-Secondary Education. Other courses may qualify. If you choose a course not approved by the Arizona Board of Private Post-Secondary Education, you will need to confirm and demonstrate that the course meets the requirements in law. The home inspection courses that have been approved by the Arizona Board of Private Post-Secondary Education are:

American Home Inspectors Training Institute
21001 N. Tatum Blvd, Suite 1630-218
Phoenix, AZ 85050
(800) 441-9411
www.ahit.com(link is external)

ATI Home Inspector Training
15650 N. Black Canyon Hw Ste 235
www.ati-training.com(link is external)

AZ School of Real Estate and Business
7142 East First Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 946-5388
Toll Free: (800) 659-8088
www.asreb.com(link is external)

Brighton College
8777 E. Via de Ventura
Suite 300
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
http://www.brightoncollege.edu/(link is external)

Inspection Career Training Academy
15650 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Unit 135B
Phoenix, AZ 85053
www.azicta.com(link is external)

InspectionGo Academy
1014 Pennsylvania Ave
Tyrone, Pennsylvania 16686
https://inspectiongoacademy.com/(link is external)

Inspection Training of Arizona
16815 S Desert Foothills Pkwy, Suite 115
Phoenix, AZ 85048
(602) 301-6178
www.inspectiontrainingaz.com(link is external)

1750 30th Street, #301
Boulder, Colorado 80301
https://internachi.edu/(link is external)

PDH Academy
PO Box 449
Pewaukee, WI 53072
Ph: (888) 564-9098

https://pdhacademy.com/(link is external)

U.S. Career Institute

2001 Lowe Street

Fort Collins, CO 80525
Ph: (866) 250-6851


The law presumes that board members who are licensed engineers or surveyors possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to evaluate the evidence in a disciplinary case without the aid (and added expense) of a “professional” expert witness.

All address changes must be made in writing (fax and e-mail are acceptable).

Change of Address

The Board is developing new programs utilizing an E-mail communication software package.  At this time we have identified the following methods to increase communication with applicants and registrants:

  • Communication between staff members and individual applicants or registrants about their files;
  • Notification of upcoming renewal;
  • Reminders sent out  approximately 30 days prior to registration expiration;
  • Notification immediately after registration expiration, and
  • Board newsletters (Tailored to registration category). 

The Board is requesting every applicant and registrant  furnish an E-mail address to be used for official Board communication.  If you haven't done so, you may E-mail the Board at [email protected] and provide your E-mail address to us.  Please remember to include your registration number for reference.  The Board will be using the E-mails for quick communication between the Board, its applicants and registrants.  The Board will not release E-mail addresses to third parties unless required to by law.
The Board is subject to public information requests pursuant to A.R.S. §39-121.03, Laws 1977, Ch. 54, §3 (Amended by Laws 1985, Ch. 213, §4; Laws 2000, Ch. 88, §55) and any request for release will be reviewed by our legal advisor to determine whether public document requests will be honored.

No. Full-time and part-time employment must be provided on separate Certificate of Experience forms as they are not credited equally. See A.A.C. R4-30-208.

Please reference A.A.C. R4-30-101(10).

Yes, but only if the official transcripts are still encased in their original sealed envelope. However, it is the Board's preference that applicants arrange to have copies of certified transcripts for all educational credit desired sent directly from the Registrar of the college or university. Applicants can also have transcripts submitted electronically directly by the Registrar to their assigned licensing specialist.

Yes. The applicant is responsible for contacting each state where exams have been taken or in which the applicant is or has been registered.

No. Unfortunately, the Arizona Board of Technical Registration is unable to use documentation from a previous application to complete a current application. When reapplying, applicants are required to supply all new and up to date documentation. Records must be up to date as the State Records Retention schedules require regular purging of records.


Per ARS § 32-141, firms providing professional services must be registered with the Board. This includes registrants offering services as a solo practitioner / DBA (Doing Business As). 

Per ARS 32 § 101(B)(13), "Firm" means any individual or partnership, corporation or other type of association, including the association of a nonregistrant and a registrant who offers to the public professional services regulated by the board.

The Firm Registration Form can be found HERE.