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Practice Exams

Six free Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) practice exams—one for each division—are available to all architect licensure candidates. 

To access the free practice exams if you don’t have active exam eligibilities, simply login to your NCARB Record, navigate to the Overview tab, and select “Practice the ARE®.” If you have active exam eligibilities, you can continue to access the practice exams through the “Exams” tab of your NCARB Record.

You can take the practice exams in two modes:

  • Test mode mimics the experience you’ll have during a real exam appointment and provides a score report afterward.
  • Practice mode provides the correct answer and rationale behind each item as you go.

The full-length, fully scored practice exams were written and developed by volunteer architects collaborate to develop questions (also called “items”) that test on the objectives outlined in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

If you have questions or experience issues accessing the practice exams, please reach out to NCARB's Customer Relations team.