Renew Registration

Renewal notices are sent approximately ninety (90) days prior to expiration. Please note, that while the AZBTR sends renewal notices, failure to receive a notice does not mean any applicable penalty fees will be waived. It is the registrant's responsibility to renew their registration. 

If you have had disciplinary action in a jurisdiction, pending investigation in any jurisdiction, or have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony since your last renewal, your renewal will need to go before the Board at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. This may affect the timeliness of the Board renewing your registration. The Board highly recommends submitting your renewal with supporting documentation as early as possible.

Home Inspectors: You can submit a copy of your current Financial Assurance to: [email protected]

If you choose not to renew your registration, you may submit an inactivation form prior to your expiration date or allow your registration to lapse and subsequently cancel.

The AZBTR accepts Online Renewals through its Payment portal. The Payment Portal DOES NOT accept international credit cards (credit card must have a US billing address).

Renew Online

If you have any questions regarding renewals, please contact our renewals specialist Liliana Ruiz or Mayra Gomez.