CreSurveys, Ltd.

Disciplinary Actions

Pursuant to ARS 32-4801(A)(3), ' Each licensing authority shall: post on its website all final decisions, orders and actions the licensing authority takes not later than five days after the meeting and retain this information on its website for at least three years but not more than five years.' For questions regarding cases, please call the Board at 602-364-4930.
Case Number Date Closed Legal Document(s) Note
P17-043 Monday, October 21, 2019

Respondent Firm's name and information in the title block or surveys could be interpreted by the public that Respondent Firm practiced, offered, or, by implication, held itself out as qualified to practice a Board-regulated profession without registration in violation of A.R.S. ยง 32-145(1). The investigation shows, however, that the conduct alleged in the Findings of Fact does not constitute grounds for discipline against Sommers because Sommers never practiced surveying, offered to practice surveying, or advertised himself as a qualified surveyor.