Definition Of "Engineering Practice" (EFF. 11/18/2014)

The Board's statutes define "engineering practice" to include advertising that the person is able to perform or does perform any engineering service or other service recognized by educational authorities as engineering.


Substantive Policy Statement

The Board interprets the definition of "engineering practice" to exclude participation in a response to a request for qualifications under the following circumstances:


Direct Supervision For Sampling And Testing (EFF. 1/24/12)

The Board’s rules provide that Drug Laboratory Site Remediation firms must adhere to the Drug Laboratory Site Remediation Best Standards and Practices pursuant to A.A.C. R4-30-305. Subsection (C)(1) requires post remediation sample testing, and all sampling used to verify that no additional removal or cleaning is required, to be conducted under the direct supervision of a Certified Industrial Hygienist, a Certified Safety Professional, Arizona-registered geologist or an Arizona-registered engineer.

Survey Monuments In Subdivision (EFF. 2/22/11)

Questions have arisen regarding when subdivisions must be monumented in the context of Section 8, Section 13 of the Arizona Boundary Survey Minimum Standards (adopted by the Board on June 15, 2001 and originally effective in Rules on February 12, 2002), and A.R.S. § 33-105(A).  This substantive policy statement is offered as guidance to persons interpreting said Section B, Section 13, and A.R.S.§ 33-105 In complying with the Board's rules.

System Or Component Source/End Points (EFF. 11/24/09)

Questions have arisen concerning the specified source/end point for a system or component in a home when a system or component is not in the scope of work of the home inspection.
After reviewing Board statutes and rules, including R4-30-301.01, the Board developed this substantive policy statement. This substantive policy statement is offered as guidance to persons interpreting Board statutes and rules.