Registered Firm / Branch Search

Last updated 07/17/2024.

This is a registry of firms and alarm businesses that offer professional and occupational services that are under the Board's authority. For information regarding alarm business registration requirements, see ARS 32-122.05. For information regarding firm and branch registration requirements, see ARS 32-141.

When searching for an alarm business or firm, "Less is More." The more information you enter, the LOWER your chances of making a 'hit.' For best results for looking up a specific firm, enter the Registration Number and hit apply. 

A Branch ID of "0" indicates a firm. Any number above "0" indicates a Branch of a Firm.

Do not use abbreviations in the State Field (type Arizona, not AZ).

A spreadsheet of the results of a search can be downloaded by selecting the Export CSV box below. 

Please note that Board staff cannot make recommendations regarding the procurement of registrant services.

If a firm received disciplinary action from the Board, it will show up in the firm's profile. However, pursuant to ARS 32-4801(A)(3), the Board cannot post on its website any disciplinary action over five years old. This does not bar the public from requesting additional information, such as whether a firm received any disciplinary action more than five years old, had a complaint dismissed or received any non-disciplinary action.

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