Verification of Registration or Examination

The Board will not verify an individual's examination who has never been a registrant with the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.

NCEES Verifications -  for Engineer and Land Surveyor registrations:
Please note: The Board is no longer able to access your electronic verification requests from NCEES.  You will need to submit your verification directly to the Arizona Board of Technical Registration with a $25.00 verification fee.

If you have any questions regarding the verification of registration, please email [email protected]


Click here to open the AZBTR Payment Portal.

You will make your payment and then fill out the online verification form. 

Each registration verification costs $25.00, regardless of which verification form is used (Arizona's or another state's).

If you intend to send another state's verification form to the AZBTR and wish to pay online, please submit a scanned pdf of the verification to [email protected] AND make your payment through the AZBTR Payment Portal above, preferably the same day. You do not need to fill out the form (step 2) in the payment portal. 

It may take up to thirty (30) days to process a verification request.
Verifications will be sent directly to the requesting State Board.  
If you use our verification form, please complete section I and II only.



Verification of Registration or Examination Form


Please consider the following steps when requesting verification of your examination or registration to another state Board or jurisdiction.
Please send the form and/or the requesting Board's form, with your $25 payment,  via U.S. mail to:
AZ State Board of Technical Registration 
1110 W. Washington St., Suite 240
Phoenix, Arizona  85007Please make sure your email and phone number are on the form.