Disciplinary Actions

Pursuant to ARS 32-4801(A)(3), ' Each licensing authority shall: post on its website all final decisions, orders and actions the licensing authority takes not later than five days after the meeting and retain this information on its website for at least three years but not more than five years.'

Per the above statute, the Board cannot post final decisions, orders and actions that are more than five years old on its website. However, this does not bar the public from requesting information regarding whether a registrant or firm has any past actions, including those over five years old. 

Pursuant to ARS 41-3505(B), "If a nonhealth profession regulatory board issues a nondisciplinary order or action against a licensee or certificate holder, the record of the nondisciplinary order or action is available to that board and the public pursuant to section 39-121 but may not appear on the board's website, except that a practice limitation or restriction, and documentation relating to that action, may appear on the board's website."

A person may obtain public records related to any licensee or certificate holder, including dismissed complaints and non-disciplinary actions and orders, by submitting a public information request

For questions please call the Board at 602-364-4930 or the Board's Contact Us page. 

Case Number Respondent(s) Date Closed Discipline Sort descending Legal Document(s)
HI22-038 Zumach, Erich HOME INSPECTOR
HI22-013 Whitney, Daylan HOME INSPECTOR
HI19-018 Bauer, Robert HOME INSPECTOR
HI19-020 Jeglum, Robert HOME INSPECTOR
HI19-029 Rosser, Kristopher HOME INSPECTOR
HI21-010 Folsom, Galen HOME INSPECTOR
HI22-023 J & R Home Inspection Service | Owens Nathan HOME INSPECTOR
HI20-039 Dominy, Mathew HOME INSPECTOR
HI18-021 Gossard, Theodore HOME INSPECTOR
HI18-032 Peters, David HOME INSPECTOR
HI16-020 Garay, Jeffrey HOME INSPECTOR
HI20-003 Kilian, Mark HOME INSPECTOR
HI21-001 Foster, Mickey HOME INSPECTOR
HI21-002 Lamb, Kent HOME INSPECTOR
HI18-007 Lamb, Kent HOME INSPECTOR
HI19-022 Sipe, Christopher HOME INSPECTOR
HI19-023 Findlay, Iain HOME INSPECTOR
HI19-012 Denton, Jr., Thomas HOME INSPECTOR
HI20-012 Berry, David HOME INSPECTOR
HI20-031 Thorp, John HOME INSPECTOR
HI21-021 Hickerson, Robert HOME INSPECTOR
HI23-005 Schern, Benjamin HOME INSPECTOR
HI18-030 Villaverde, Eric HOME INSPECTOR
HI18-025 Bell, John HOME INSPECTOR
HI20-008 DeBenedetti, Gregory HOME INSPECTOR