Frequently Asked Questions

  • Due to the volume of applications processed by the Licensing Department, we are trying to maximize processing personnel’s effectiveness by reducing telephone calls.  Please review this page for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  All requests for information relating to your application status should be made in writing.
    If you have questions about the registration/licensing process in Arizona, please contact Danielle Garcia (if your last name begins with A-L) or Shelly McEachrin (If your last name begins with M-Z). Thank you.
Can board members serve as expert witnesses in disciplinary cases?

How do I change my address?

How long does it take for my certificate to arrive?

Do I need a college degree prior to applying for registration or certification?

How do I submit information should my application be deemed education or experience deficient?

How do I get an examination study guide?

I missed an exam deadline. When will my application be processed?

How do I request an examination extension?

Are examination fees the same as application fees?

When will I get my examination results?

What about a failed examination?

How do I pay my fees?

How do I reactivate my registration?

How do I handle: references, certificates of experience, transcripts, verifications, or proof of out-of-state registration/certification or exam results?

What are the work experience requirements?

What information are you collecting from registrants and how is it going to be used?